Christmas Celebration 2018

Christmas Celebration 2018

As Christmas cheer comes closer to yearend, we celebrated it in a grand way to bring happiness amongst employees of FSPL. Christmas celebration is a great way to bid adieu to current year and wave a Hello to New Year. It is also a great way to help improve morale, maintain productivity and grease the social wheels of our workplace.

FSPL too celebrated Christmas in a great way by decorating it with a big Christmas tree at the reception ,well lit and decorated with colorful ribbons, laces, glitters, gifts all around. Secret Santa was all set to dance, make everyone laugh and sing Christmas carols while distributing chocolates to everyone at work.

During this festivity, we also played Bingo and winners were gifted which brought a smile on their faces. Celebration was followed by lucky draw and sumptuous cake and cookies party at the end.

These celebrations are anticipated by all in office, as it is the time to gear up for a fresh start with some new resolutions that aim at achieving some unrealized goals of last year.

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