T&Cs – ERP

Employee Referral Program continues with Terms and Conditions applied, Refer today!!

1. The employees should mention their Name, Employee Code, Preferred Role, and Location while referring a candidate.

2. Employee Referral Program applies only to Open roles stated in this announcement. Submission of a resume to the recruitment team is the sole responsibility of an employee referring the candidate. All referral resumes should be emailed at careers@fspl.co.in, to be a part of this referral program.

3. Each successful joining and serving the company for one month will qualify for an Amazon voucher to the executive who has referred the candidate to us.

4. In case, the employee resigns within 1 month from the date of joining the candidate referred, he/she will not be eligible for the referral amount.

5. The resume sourced by the candidate will be valid for 1 month only. No referral will be considered, in case, the candidate’s resume already exists in the FSPL database.

6. If two or more employees have referred the same candidate, only the employee who has first referred will be eligible to receive the referral amount.

7. Candidates directly approaching the HR team for submission of resumes will not be considered in the employee referral program. If a candidate shares his resume at careers@fspl.co.in and the same resume is referred by someone else, then details shared on the email address will be considered under this employee referral program.

8. If case of duplicate referral; you will be notified regarding the same within 7-10 working days.

9. The referral employee will be informed only when the preferred candidate has been finally selected.

10. Please restrict yourself to follow-ups or reminders to check on referral status. We will proactivity inform you of the referral status if the same get shortlisted for hiring.