Virtualization is an innovative technology that helps companies save vast amount of money and operate with greater efficiency. Business continuity and Disaster recovery are also emerging as major drivers for virtualization. Besides server virtualization, desktops can also be virtualized which can be helpful to small and medium-size businesses. The virtual machines share the resources of one physical computer, and each virtual machine is its own environment. Desktop virtualization is the best way for smaller companies to use virtualization to save money.

FSPL provides best-in-class infrastructure optimization services and virtualization solutions help customers’ create a simplified and centrally managed infrastructure, aligned to your business needs. We can help guide you through a successful implementation of virtualization technology by offering jointly engineered solutions based on hardware and virtualization management technologies and industry-leading virtualization software providers.

Server Virtualization – Server virtualization is the masking of server resources, including the number and identity of individual physical servers, processors, and operating systems, from server users. FSPL offers on enterprise solutions that cover a broad range of services and solutions that cater to the needs of growing organizations with a mission to excel.

Storage Virtualization – With the help of storage virtualization, FSPL defines administrative processes that can help perform the tasks of backup, archiving, and recovery more easily, in less time, by disguising the actual complexity of a storage area network. Administrators can implement virtualization with software applications or by using hardware and software hybrid appliances.

Virtual Desktop InfrastructureFSPL offers virtualization technology that hosts a desktop operating system on a centralized server in a data center. It is a variation on the client-server computing model, sometimes referred to as server-based computing.

Virtualization Assessment – Whether an organization is new to virtualization or one needs to expand their existing virtualized environment, an accurate assessment of your IT inventory is necessary to provide a clear picture on the cost of ownership and return on investment. FSPL has expertise to assess IT inventory and enables users to justify IT initiative with detailed benefits.

Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud – Cloud computing comes in three forms: Public clouds, Private clouds, and Hybrid clouds. Depending on the type of data worked upon, and different levels of security and management required, cloud form is chosen. FSPL offers support and services into all these cloud domains and have proved to be an asset to our customers.

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