Managed Application Services

An application service provider offers individuals or enterprises access over the Internet to applications and related services that would otherwise have to be located in their own personal or enterprise computers. FSPL offers a suite of services in application management backed by experts in testing, packaging and deployment. These services differentiates us as we are backed by global delivery network.

  • Database Management – FSPL offers database management system servicesto create and manage databases. The DBMS provides users and programmers with a systematic way to create, retrieve, update and manage data.
  • Application Management – It is the process of managing the operation, maintenance, versioning and upgrading of an application throughout its lifecycle. FSPL provides a flexible structure that enables you to fine tune application management services (AMS) to your IT and business objectives. Our application management specialists can help you overcome these challenges to improve application performance and achieve better business results.
  • Mail Management – Email management is an essential component of customer service management. It is a specific field of communications management for managing high volumes of inbound electronic mail received by organizations. A comprehensive suite of cloud-delivered email management services (EMS) is offered by FSPL, which is designed to help you to solve virtually all your email challenges — from preventing downtime to fighting spam and viruses.
  • Application Service Desk – FSPL extends its services into Application Service desk. Service Desk manages Incidents and Service Requests, and handles communication with the users. FSPL maintains a service desk whose overall goal is to improve IT and business processes across the organization. It also looks for opportunities for all IT processes (including the Help Desk) to run more efficiently.
  • Application Administration and Production Support – Application administration allows organizations to protect sensitive application data by restricting how users acquire application-specific roles. FSPL can offer such services to enable application administration from the application record and restrict the assignment of application roles from the user role record. Besides this, FSPL offer production support, which is the practice and discipline of supporting the IT systems/applications, which are currently being used by the end users.
  • Application Packaging – FSPL offers application-packaging process, to bind relevant files and components to build a customized application for our customers.
  • Image and Patch Management – Patch management is best used in system management as it involves acquiring, testing, and installing multiple patches to an administered computer system. FSPL manages software delivery and updates on computers running Windows or Mac OS X. This includes operating system updates, security patches, and third party software such as web browsers, productivity, multimedia software, and frameworks.
  • Monitoring and Reporting – This process helps in generating reports about organization’s IT services and infrastructure components, and automatically email them to customers or distribution lists on specific days and times. FSPL offers these features to promote early problem detection, root cause analysis, faster turnaround, and increased uptime. We provide monitoring and reporting services on computers in your data center, which would help you to keep your environment running smoothly, provides the means to correct problems before outages occur, and reduces the costs of resolving problems.

Futuresoft Solutions has been a pioneer in offering IT enabled services from our head office in New Delhi and list of other operational cities including Gurugram, Noida, Mumbai, Jaipur, Dehradun, Chennai, Gujarat, J&K, Chandigarh, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Maharashtra to name a few.