2 Decades of Goonj

Give your stuff away – Help the needy, Be a champion.

After sorting through our physical possessions and identifying the clutter, there is new thought process of what to do with it. There are many ways to work on it by simply throwing it away to recycling it to selling it. It has advantages known and understood by us, but giving the stuff away is often the most satisfying path.

Our old clothes can be a new start for somebody. It might be the dupatta which can cover a woman’s head, to new stationary of pencils, colors, paper etc. given to new school student, or long coat to cover old people during peak winters and much more…Whatever may be the reason, these clothes could be a reason for the unparalleled joy of somebody. Donations of clothing and basic necessity items can make a big difference for people who struggle to meet their ends.

FSPL made a conscious step by actively participating in another donation camp with Goonj by donating clothes, necessity items and other material specifically for needy people. We visited Goonj Delhi center on 29th May 2019, to offer our contribution to this noble cause and serving the society. Through this donation drive, we have given a helping hand in reaching to more and more needy people and making sure that they get some really good donations to survive, thrive and make a good life in ahead days.