At FSPL, we believe that sustained economic growth cannot happen without social progress and the well being of local communities. We conducted various drives such as old clothes donation, collecting fund for clothes & old age home visit. These items ultimately were distributed by Goonj to the disaster hit areas of the country. Our team participated enthusiastically in these drives & made it successful.

FSPL isn’t just a business. It’s a family.

Because it’s filled with people who truly care, about each other and their communities.

Responding to a call about a clothes collection drive by Goonj, a gratifying and inspiring number of our employees came forward with significant donations. A few of us visited their Processing Center in April, 2017, to learn about how Goonj works on turning old material as a resource for hundreds of rural development activities.

This effort is an attempt to find a way to blend our professional lives with our desire to truly impact our communities. We hope that you’re as enthusiastic as we are to take our collective philanthropy to the next level, and continue to inspire and support our future efforts.

We encourage everybody to get involved with their various initiatives & activities and help the under-privileged.

Like someone wisely said, “We measured our success not just by how much money we made, but by how much we contributed to the community.”