SHEOWS Home 2020

FSPL Heroes say YES!

FSPL family has taken another incredible step towards serving old and poor by way of “Joy of Giving”.

A Big Thank you to all contributions which is a needy’s life, would make an incredible difference.

With severe early onset of winter season, has brought a bitter winter experience for deprived senior citizens, making a vulnerable situation for the needy.

This has given us an opportunity to serve humanity by providing warm thermals to be worn by all old age home residents, which has proved to a boon for the mass to stay happy and warm in these cold days.

FSPL team visited SHEOWS on 6th Jan 2020, and became a part of this noble initiative by purchasing new thermals for all residents at SHEOWS.

So true to say , “There could not have been a bigger satisfaction than saving someone’s life in these severe cold waves”.

It is well said “We don’t need a Big pocket or be Rich to help the needy, the poor We just need a Heart”.