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If you are looking to join a pool of talented, dynamic team of professionals while working in fast paced environment, you have reached the right place!

Achieve “High Point of Recall” to become a trusted IT Partner

Customer oriented focus and consistent approach in building success stories with our customers, has taken us to higher epitome. We continue to do so, by building great repeat use cases in Digitization, Managed Services and other IT Solutions.

Experience of Existing Team Members in respective Vertical – FSPL Team

Legal & Operations
Sales & Marketing
Recruitment Services
HR, Automation & Compliance
Managed Service Delivery
Pre-Sales & Post Sales Technical Professional Services

Our Culture

FSPL encourages positive work culture to boost morale of their employees, which makes them best at their work. Healthy culture motivates employees to ensure quality in their service and work. A good company cultures paves the way for high standards at work, which is met happily by the employees. Besides work, management also offers various employee centric programs to imbibe positivity and happiness amongst their co-workers.

Mutually Beneficial Corporate Discussions get initiated over a "Cup of Coffee".

We create "Happiness-Energy Boosting traditions" with our co-workers.

Numerous "Awards and Honors" Recognized.

A workplace that appreciates hard work and dedication.

Various Team Interaction sessions.

"Knowledge and Happiness" is best valued when shared.

We Work, Learn and Grow Together.
That’s “fun” at FSPL.

Manoj Kumar Thareja
20th Work Anniversary
(14th May 2024)

Vikash Chandra
10th Work Anniversary
(2nd Jan 2024)

Parmod Gehani
5th Work Anniversary

Pithani Naga Parkash
5th Work Anniversary
(28 June 2023)

5th Work Anniversary
(1 Aug 2023)


Nikhil Patil
5th Work Anniversary
(20 Aug 2023)

Md. Kalam
5th Work Anniversary
(24 Aug 2023)

Shalini Chowdhary
20 Years completion
(25 Mar 2023)

Md Imran
5th Work Anniversary
(5 Jan 2023)

Pradeep Kumar Mishra
Performer of the Quarter-DJF 2023
(Dec-Jan Feb 23)

Dhruti Ranjan Bag
Performer of the Quarter-OND 2022

Iram Altaf

Iram Altaf
5 Years completion
(7 Dec 2022)

Vishal Vinayak Deshpande
5th Work Anniversary
(24 Nov 2022)

Neeraj Kumar

Neeraj Kumar
5th Work Anniversary
(3 November 2022)

5th Work Anniversary
(12 Sep 2022)


Pooja Bharti
20 Years completion
(2 July 2022)

Sharjeel Ahmed

Sharjeel Ahmed
10 Years completion
(Jul 2022)


July 2022

Manisha Chauhan

Manisha Chauhan
10 Years completion
(June 2022)

June 2022

June 2022

Rohit Kumar
10 Years completion
(May 2022)

Satinder Dhaliwal

Satinder Dhaliwal
10 Years completion
(April 2022)

K Veeramani
5th Work Anniversary
(13 Feb 2022)

Completed 20 Golden years

Completed 20 Golden Years
(Jan 2022)

5th Work Anniversary
(3 Nov 2021)

Sonvir – E&Y quarter performer

Aayudh Mehta at TechM – Top ticket resolvers in remote troubleshooting, during lockdown

Ashish Kumar at TechM – Top ticket resolvers in remote troubleshooting, during lockdown

Rahul – Star Performer

Rahul – Star Performer

Neeraj – Outstanding Performance in #Covid19 at Samsung SDS

Subrata – Outstanding Performance in #Covid19 at Samsung SDS

Sunil – Outstanding Performance in #Covid19 at Samsung SDS

Aayudh Mehta – Winner of Employee Referral Program FY19-20

E Venkata Krishnan – Winner of Employee Referral Program FY19-20

Inderjeet Singh – Star Performer

Kamlesh – Star Performer

Rohit – Star Performer

Varun 5 years completion

Ashish 5 years completion

Pradeep Singh 5 years completion

Abhinandan Garg – Star Performer

Deepak Danu – Star Performer

Rahul Singh – Star Performer

Surinder Yadav – Star Performer

Lunch team gathering